Our Services

At Eben Ezer we take a comprehensive approach to care, everything from independent living, assisted living and short-term stays to skilled nursing care and hospice. We offer a full compliment of services that address housing, health, rehabilitation, social, recreational and spiritual needs. This continuum of care, offered in the community and within one campus, means that Eben Ezer can provide just the right amount of support for each of our residents. Flexible care that maximizes independence. Our residents can be secure in the knowledge that as their needs change, they can remain with caregivers they know and trust. 

It is the policy of Eben Ezer to admit persons without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, and to provide the best
possible care according to individual needs and at reasonable rates. Persons will be considered who do not endanger the health, safety, or rights of other residents; and whose needs can be met in accordance with State/Federal regulations regarding care, facility policies, and staffing. If admission is not possible, attempts will be made to refer persons to a resource.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Our services include the following:

Dining Services

Eben Ezer is well known for our delicious and healthy meals. The residents often help prepare pies, stews and other comfort foods in our home-style kitchens and enjoy cooking demonstations of such specialties as cherries jubilee or flambe. The following dining options are offered:

  •  Two menu choices for each meal plus primary menu options that can be ordered any day
  •  Extended dining services in addition to regular dining hours
  •  Therapeutic and altered texture diets for those with special dietary needs

Our residents are encouraged to invite family and friends to dine with them at Eben Ezer. Meals are available for a nominal charge. We also welcome guests to make reservations for holiday meals, many of which are provided free of charge.

Support Groups

Eben Ezer offers several support groups including the Eben Ezer Family Council which meets on a monthly basis. A complimentary lunch is served at these meetings along with an informative program and discussion on matters involving the facility. The Family Council also operates the Eben Ezer secondhand store, a thrift store that provides funds for family council projects.

Other support groups include:

Alzheimer's Support Group: This group offers support to family members and caregivers of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and is open to the public. They meet the second Monday of every month at 11 a.m., a complimentary lunch is served. 

Parkinson's Support Group: This group meets on a quarterly basis in the Sister Anna Poulsen Activity Center, a complimentary lunch is served. Topics are varied with a guest speaker giving the presentation. 

Admissions Support Group: This group provides emotional support and an opportunity for our new neighbors to ask questions about their new surroundings and receive assistance to help with concerns. They meet on a monthly basis, information on date and time is available by contacting the social service office.

Grief Support Group: This group is made up of those who recently experienced a loss of a loved one and those who have been supported and helped in the past with a loss. They meet on a monthly basis to offer emotional, spiritual and peer support.

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