Auxiliary and Volunteers

Eben Ezer Auxiliary

The Eben Ezer Auxiliary was established to “enhance the lives of the residents of Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center through fundraising and promotion of public relations and good will in any way possible.” Support from the Auxiliary plays a critical role in the success and development of the Eben Ezer campus and programs. Major projects include:


Fall Festival: Our annual fundraiser held on the fourth Saturday in September, all proceeds support “A Place Called Home”.

Eben Ezer Cemetery: Restoration and maintenance of our historic cemetery where Jens Madsen, his wife and several deaconesses are laid to rest.


Special Events: Our annual Luau, holiday parties, Bible study and arts and crafts.

The Eben Ezer Auxiliary meets four times each year in the Sister Anna Poulsen Activity Center. Please contact Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center for more information.



Volunteers are essential to Eben Ezer's vision and ministry to both our residents and the community of Brush. We are grateful to all the men, women, youth and children who make our community a home for so many.

If you would like to become a volunteer, call 970-842-2861, ext. 9246.

Volunteers create a positive environment for our residents and are a real asset to our community. Even though a volunteer's job may not be difficult, their efforts bring meaning and growth to the lives of our residents. Volunteers are essential to Eben Ezer's ministry.

There are many jobs that volunteers can do ranging from answering the telephone to visiting someone who is lonely. Volunteers can take a scenic stroll with someone who is wheelchair bound or they can accompany residents on a shopping trip or to a special event. There are many things to do, and volunteers play an important role in getting all of these things done.growth to the lives of our residents. 

Your efforts can make a big difference in the lives of so many. Please donate your talents with a little bit of effort to make someone who is feeling lonely and forgotten feel important again.

Junior Volunteers

junior volunteers

Junior Volunteers join in bringing their help and talents to the Eben Ezer campus. These volunteers create a positive force that enriches the lives of our residents and in return, these young people receive a valuable experience that will instruct and deepen the meaning of their lives.

If you would like to become a volunteer, call 970-842-2861, ext. 9246.

 Junior Volunteer Information Letter

Junior Volunteer Application


Get In Touch

  •  122 Hospital Road
    Brush, CO 80723
  •  (970) 842-2861
  •  (800) 410-4170
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