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  • IMG 7658  Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center offers comprehensive rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy. These services can help to restore life functions and alleviate pain in those affected by stroke, injury, chronic pain, neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, and other health challenges.

    Physical therapy applies therapeutic exercise and training to reduce pain; improve mobility, strength, balance and endurance; maximize personal fitness; and prevent injury.

    Occupational therapy uses therapeutic methods, applied technology and environmental modification to improve physical functioning, decrease recovery time, maximize self sufficiency and reduce the risk of injury.

    Speech therapy is used to improve communication, swallowing and cognitive skills following injury or illness.

Elim Rehab

Make Elim Rehab your first choice rehabilitation and stay in one of our private, retreat-style rooms with the benefits of intensive physical and occupational therapy in a comfortable setting. Our newly designed rooms are located in this thereapy focused neighborhood with personalized dining and customized care to meet your individual needs and help you return home sooner.

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